House ruling policies of Alba Plaza

General rules of conduct

Alba Plaza is a privately owned facility, open to the public. To ensure a relaxed and enjoyable stay for everyone, our shopping center security staff may intervene at any time to comply with the conduct rules.

Any activity is forbidden in the area of the Shopping Center that violates the law, well-being or public morals, or is suitable for disturbing, fearing, or scandalizing people being in the area of the Shopping Center. Entering and staying in the Plaza area is only allowed with a well-groomed, clean appearance. Anyone who violates this policy will be removed from the Shopping Center by security personnel, with the assistance of the police if necessary.

It is forbidden to enter the Shopping Center area by any means of transport (e.g. scooter, bicycle, roller skates), except vehicles used by people with reduced mobility and prams.

Animals brought into the Plaza area are subject to the House rules for visitors, coming with animals, which complements these policies.

It is prohibited to take into the Shopping Center and to sell explosives, drugs and pyrotechnic devices. It is forbidden to enter under alcohol influence or with any device capable of causing damage in the Shopping Center, its equipment or other people’s clothing or equipment. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed at designated restaurants!

Except for the members of armed forces, it is forbidden to enter the Shopping Center carrying a weapon.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the Shopping Center.

Without the permission of the Shopping Center management it is prohibited to take photos or videos with commercial aim on the entire area of the Shopping Center.

Only persons who have entered into a lease or other contract with the owner of the Shopping Center are entitled to be engaged in commercial activities in the area of the Shopping Center. Flyers, polls and other similar activities require the written permission of the Director of the Shopping Center.

Organization and operation of gambling within the Shopping Center are prohibited, except for gambling under the owner’s permission subject to conditions.

For matters not regulated by these policies, the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply. Violation of the above will result in the permanent refusal of entering the Shopping Center, or, in more serious cases, in civil, criminal or other official proceedings.

Image and sound recording, data protection

We would like to inform you that video surveillance is in operation in the Alba Plaza area.

Visitors entering the shopping center accept that, during events and promotions organized by the Shopping Center or a contracted third party, pictures, video and sound recordings might be made about them, which they agree to be published.

WiFi usage

It is prohibited to use the public WiFi network available in the Shopping Center in order to prepare or carry out acts contrary to the Hungarian law in force at any time. Any other network activity that interferes with or obstructs the work of other users of the network is prohibited!

By using the Network, you also acknowledge that, due to the nature of the service, network incidents cannot be excluded, and ‘Middle-Europe Convergence Ingatlanalap’ cannot take responsibility and will not be liable for the consequences of such incidents on the user connected devices!

House rules for visitors, coming with animals

As an animal-friendly shopping center, Alba Plaza offers visitors coming with a well-socialized dog and other pets allowed by the house ruling policy to use some of the Shopping Center’s shops and services with their four-legged companion. To ensure harmonious coexistence and compliance with applicable sources of law, the following policies are mandatory for anyone coming with pets.

  1. Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other pets of all breeds, sizes and ages may enter or taken into all shops of the Alba Plaza’s territory which permit this, with the exception of the premises for the production and sale of food and the official public premises with customer service.
  2. Birds, wild animals, exotic animals and farm animals are not allowed on the Alba Plaza’s territory.

Dogs may be led on a leash or brought in in a dog carrier in the licensed area of the Plaza. Dogs should only be handled by persons who are capable of managing and handling the dog.

  1. Cats, rabbits, ferrets and other allowed animals may be brought in a special carrier or cage to the authorized area of Alba Plaza.
  2. The person leading/bringing the animal may bring in only healthy, well-socialized, clean, well-groomed animal into the authorized area of ​​the shopping center in a way which does not endanger the physical, health, calm, fear and/or material damage of other visitors. Dangerous dogs should only be led with a secure muzzle to prevent biting and a dog collar/harness to prevent slipping, on a non-extendable, less than two meters leash and under the supervision of the person indicated in the permit.
  3. The person who leads the animal must pay close attention to the order and cleanliness of the Shopping Center.
  4. The person leading or bringing in the animal and the owner of the animal shall be liable for all acts of the animal in the area of ​​Alba Plaza in respect of any criminal, civil or regulatory liability, including, thus in case of damage, the leader, handler, and the owner are liable for any indemnification or compensation.
  5. Into the authorized area of ​​Alba Plaza might be brought only animals with a chip (if required by breed) and with mandatory vaccinations.
  6. The leader or handler must carry the animal’s vaccination book or animal passport, which must be presented at request of Alba Plaza staff and security personnel in order to be able to clearly demonstrate the existence of suitable vaccines.
  7. Alba Plaza reserves the right to inspect the animal’s vaccination book or passport and the presence of the identification chip with the assistance of a specialist at any time.
  8. Alba Plaza reserves the right to remove the dog and the animal’s leader or handler from the Shopping Center, if:
  9. the person who leads or carries the dog is unable to present the dog’s vaccination book or animal passport;
  10. the person leading or carrying the animal is in breach of point 6 and/or 7 of the House rules;
  11. the animal does not have an identification chip, when required in its breed.
  12. If the animal is soiled in the area of ​​the Alba Plaza, it is the responsibility of the leader/handler to clean it and notify the Plaza security/cleaning staff of the event and request disinfectant cleaning.
  13. The aggression causing the injury done by the animal brought or led in the area of the shopping center will result a police report.
  14. Excepted from the rules above are marked assistance and guide dogs.